Enjin has released a plugin to add assets to the blockage in Minecraft

Enjin Startup has released EnjinCraft plugin, which is available for more than 200 000 Minecraft servers. The plug-in allows players to integrate their blockchain assets into their servers.

According to the startup blog, EnjinCraft is an open source plugin that allows players to integrate blockchain assets into their servers using Minecraft Java Edition without having to write code.

By simply placing EnjinCraft in the “plugins” folder on the server, players can begin integrating and allocating assets on the blockchain through their server, as well as providing access to unique game items based on the assets they own.

EnjinCraft allows server owners to give players permanent ownership of game assets, as well as to trade those assets on a P2P network through Minecraft servers, external chats or digital trading platforms. Enjin’s co-founder and technical director Witek Radomski said:

“Enjin’s roots are in Minecraft. When Minecraft annoounces.com evolved from a little-known indie game into a global phenomenon, Enjin has helped develop hundreds of thousands of gaming communities, enabling people to create virtual economies and monetize both large and small servers. EnjinCraft is the beginning of a new era for sandbox gaming.

EnjinCraft is the second Minecraft plug-in released by Enjin. The first plugin – DonationCraft – is one of the most popular plugins for the game in the world, it was downloaded 5.1 million times. Earlier this year, the Enjin startup launched a platform for developing games on the Etherium and integrating crypto assets into games and applications.